• What's aggressing your skin on a daily basis?

September 24, 2019

Did you know that pollution is quickly becoming one of the biggest hazard affecting our skin health and accelerating its aging process? To the extent that the debate now is whether sun or pollution is the biggest factor in skin aging. The reality is that many of us living in cities where pollution levels are at a record high, surrounded both indoors or outdoors by free radicals attacking our skin cells on a daily basis-10,000 estimated number of attacks per day by free radicals to each of the body’s 70 billion cells. Studies have found that pollution can lead to:

  • A decrease in collagen production and anti oxidant
  • Premature signs of aging including fine lines and loss of firmness
  • Hyperpigmentation, skin dullness
  • Clogged pores
  • Disruption of the skin’s protective barrier

    If you want to frame those little polluants messing up with our skin balance you can think of UVR (ultraviolet radiation) Ozone free radicals, PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), VOCs (volatile organic compoinds), Nox (Nitrogen oxides), PM (particulate matter), to name a few.Usually our skin is equipped to fight free radicals by producing natural anti oxidants. But when the aggression becomes very high, our skin cells defense systems become compromised causing oxidative stress. Once pollution compromises the skin barrier, collagen production gets compromised and the skin’s complexion worsens, its repair and renewal mechanisms also get compromised.The last couple of years have witnessed increasing research and product development to help our skin protect and repair itself from those modern environmental agressors and pollution. Now that you know what we have just told you its time you up your game and defense routine!


    1. Cleansing is vital. Proper deep cleansing especially at night after a day in the city.
    2. Moisturise. It will help keep an intact skin barrier and form a vital protection against pollution
    3. Up your antioxidant. Make sure to include antioxidant rich ingredients in your skin care to help your skin defense mechanisms.
    4. Consider adding an Air purifier to your house
    5. Go to the mountains. Whenever you have the chance to spend some time out of the city during weekends grab it!
    6. Add plants to your indoors. Some plants are known to help purify the air such as Peace Lily, English Ivy, Spider plant, Snake plant and many others

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