Tata Harper

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After her stepfather was diagnosed with cancer and was asked to remove all skincare products with toxic ingredients/additives, Tata Harper realized the ugly truth behind ingredients used in the most common of skincare and cosmetic products. This led her to start her own Vermont-based product line with over five years of research and development, with complex formulas with no generic fillers or premade formulas that pack between 9 and 38 active ingredients per product. Forbes magazine named her as one of four entrepreneurs shaking up the beauty industry and she has established herself as a frontrunner in the clean beauty industry. Tata Harper is a brand that represents not only a new generation of beauty products that are 100% sourced from nature (Tata Harper products contain no synthetic chemical elements), but also the pinnacle of anti-aging science. At Tata Harper, they combine numerous substances in one composition to achieve the best results.  Tata Harper's formulas are incredibly complicated, containing multiple chemicals rather than just one. For example, the Rejuvenating Serum contains 40 active components.