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Josh Rosebrook’s namesake brand was founded during his career as a hairdresser when he could not find products with specific natural ingredients. After expanding his background in the biochemistry of skin, hair and scalp, his brand was born. The brand a clean skincare and hair care brand that celebrities swear by. Rosebrook works with top cosmetic chemists and herbalists and uses the finest certified organic ingredients to create clean and high-performing products to help achieve health hair and skin. It's easy to see why so many LA celebrities adore Josh Rosebrook's luscious, all-natural line of skin and hair saviours. Rosebrook created products for his own use, using the finest certified organic, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients, with no intention of selling them, but miraculous results led him to share his range with the world. Rosebrook now creates, tests, and perfects his formulas with the help of a team that includes an industry-leading phytochemist and a herbalist. "The purity creates exponential benefits because the ingredients aren't inhibited by any trace toxins, herbicides, pesticides, or anything else," he says. So, if you're looking for something green and clean, your search is over.