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Holistic Silk

I created Holistic Silk as an antidote to the fast pace and stress of modern life. Our luxury products are crafted with love to inspire harmony and balance – making a quiet ten minutes feel like an hour.”      

The effects of fast paced modern life are well documented – trying to squeeze in some quality time to switch off while juggling work, family, the gym, the dog and more can feel like a challenge. Holistic Silk get it. It was their reason for first starting Holistic Silk and why their products do not need a special routine. They have been designed to fit in to your daily life, maximising the time you do have to yourself to relax and recharge. Over fifteen years later this mission still stands.

With expertise in textiles and alternative health, Holistic Silk fuses ergonomic design and luxury craftsmanship with traditional remedies. Inspired by aromatherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine our products deliver wellbeing benefits beyond their simple function.

Each of their products are handcrafted in the UK and India in small-runs. They work with ultra skilled manufacturers in the UK that specialise in couture construction for global fashion houses as well as Holistic Silk. In India they support communities by using NGO's who teach skills to workers who might otherwise find it impossible to be employed.

Holistic Silk also work hard to select responsibly sourced luxury textiles from the UK. Holistic Silk fabrics are chosen for their durability, they create long lasting products, not landfill so you can continue to experience the wellbeing benefits and find balance in a busy world.