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Max & Me

All "Max and Me“ concoctions were blended with the loving consciousness and the pure intention to awaken and nurture all your skin’s natural beauty, to let it glow with grace, calm, flawless, lit from within.

max and me is so beautiful for bringing harmony to all skin types and for transforming skin's overall health and appearance, by dissolving energetic blockages, restoring its self-regulating forces, strengthening its natural rhythm and its self-healing capacities.

With this in mind Max and Tanja have carefully chosen precious, indulging, highly vibrant ingredients. The inherent capacities and aromatherapeutic effects of plants in cleansing, nourishing, protecting, ambitiously rejuvenating, regenerating, harmonizing and illuminating your skin are heightened by the high vibrations of the ingredients, which are manifest in their purest and most beautiful form in „max and me“ compositions.

Highly vibrant

The most beautiful ingredient which inspired Max and Tanja to birth a completely new vision of skincare and to formulate the outstanding, exquisitely holistic, purely organic, skin-transforming, soul-lifting, luminous „max and me“ collection is - high vibration.

High vibrational ingredients have such superpowers! The higher an ingredient vibrates, the purer, the more lit from with in, the gentler yet the more intense it is. The better it can communicate on a cellular level.

High vibrational ingredients are more focused in their effects, more potent in their healing capacities, more talented in targeting troubled conditions. High vibrational ingredients suffuse your skin and your whole being with love, light and an exquisite harmony, realigning all bodily systems (cells, tissues, organs) and energetic centers (chakras, meridians …) with their perfectly balanced, innate structure and rhythm. Initiating regulating impulses, nurturing self healing capacities. All this is so beautiful and powerful for transforming skin's overall health and appearance.

It can also strongly be felt emotionally and mentally, inspiring joy of life, expressions of creativity and clear intuition, letting you shine in all your beauty.

Each max and me concoction is formulated with the loving consciousness and the firm intention that the highly vibrant ingredients and their benefits may help people flow through life effortlessly, connect with the healing powers of nature, nurture the inner light and impart beauty on all levels of being.