• 4 Products to Avoid Damaged Hair in Summer

July 07, 2022

We are all so excited for summer sun and fun days. You are probably already on vacation and if you are not there yet you are probably counting the hours until your lazy summer beach days. We are too! However, it's our duty to remind you of few best practices to carry on in summer before you get all carried away with that nonchalence and forgetting that this season also brings a lot of stressors for your strands so you'd better be prepared and have the right products for your hair to keep them healthy through the season and after that too. 

Just like your skin, your hair can be harmed from the sun, the chlorinated water, the heat from styling tools...Excessive exposure to the sun destroys the surface of the hair and breaks down the hair natural proteins. That's why if not prevented or well taken care of in summer, your hair will feel dry and brittle. The color and moisture level of your hair is also affected. This dryness leads to split ends and frizz that's why you feel very often its hard to keep a style in place in summer! It is not a desperate situation though, you just need to have that knowledge and be equipped with the right products at hand to take care of your hair during this season. Below are our tips and must have products from our natural hair care brand Rahua for an effective sun-damage prevention and repair to keep your hair healthy, moisturized, and shiny all summer long. 

Natural Shampoo & Conditioner by Rahua

FR- Règle n° 1 : utilisez un shampooing naturel durant toutes les saisons. Contrairement aux shampooings synthétiques, les shampooings naturels ne privent pas vos cheveux de leur hydratation naturelle. Ils nettoient en douceur tout en nourrissant et en apportant à vos cheveux de véritables nutriments. Si vous avez l'impression que vos cheveux sont plus secs en été, optez pour un shampooing plus hydratant. Nous adorons la gamme de shampooings et d'après-shampooings hydratants de Rahua. Vous pouvez combiner le shampooing hydratant avec l'après-shampooing classique ou l'après-shampooing pour cheveux  colorés si vos cheveux sont plus fins ou colorés. 

1. Your shampoo & Conditioner

Rule n.1 use a natural shampoo in all seasons. Unlike synthetically filled shampoos, natural shampoos will not strip your hair from their natural moisture, they will gently cleanse while nourishing and infusing your strands with good fo your hair real nutrients. If you feel your hair is drier in the summer, upgrade to a more hydrating shampoo. We love the hydration shampoo and conditioner line by Rahua. You can mix and match between the hydration shampoo and the classic conditioner or colorful conditionner if you have finer hair or color treated hair. 

2. Heat Protection

If you are used to dry your hair using a hair dryer it is important to protect your hair from the heat of styling tools especially that in summer we tend to wash our hair much more frequently. Apply just a dab of this Leave-In Treatment on the ends to protect from breakage and prevents split ends. This lighter version of the leave in is adapted to finer hair. 

Heat Protection Leave In treatment by Rahua

FR- Si vous avez l'habitude de sécher vos cheveux à l'aide d'un sèche-cheveux, il est important de protéger vos cheveux de la chaleur des outils de coiffage, d'autant plus qu'en été, nous avons tendance à nous laver les cheveux beaucoup plus fréquemment. Appliquez juste une noisette de ce traitement sans rinçage sur les pointes pour les protéger des cassures et prévenir les pointes fourchues. Cette version plus légère du traitement sans rinçage est adaptée aux cheveux plus fins.

FR- Ce démêlant hydratant et barrière UV de Rahua est l'un de nos produits préférés à garder dans notre sac de plage cet été. Il s'agit d'un produit polyvalent qui rend les cheveux instantanément brossables tout en offrant une protection contre les UV. Il contribue également à la prévention des cassures tout en domptant les frisottis et en bloquant l'humidité. En prime, son odeur est divine et vos cheveux sentiront la fraîcheur toute la journée! 

3. UV Hair Protection

This Hydration Detangler and UV Barrier from Rahua is one of our favourite products to keep in our beach bag this summer. It's a multi tasking product that will create instantly brushable hair⁠ while providing UV defense. It will also contribute to breakage prevention while taming frizz and blocking humidity. As a bonus it smells divine and your hair will smell fresh all day long!

4. WEEkly hair mask

Take the time once a week for an intense deep treatment for your hair to nourish and strengthen from deep within. Depending on your hair type and needs we recommend one of Rahua treatment masks: the Hydration Mask and/or the Omega 9 Mask. The Hydration Mask is going to infuse your hair with that extra deep level of hydration quenching dehydrated strands while the Omega 9 Mask Mask is going to work on fortifying and repairing the molecule and protein structure of your hair.   

Omega 9 Hair Mask by Rahua

FR- Prenez le temps, une fois par semaine, de faire un traitement intense en profondeur pour vos cheveux afin de les nourrir et de les renforcer en profondeur. En fonction de votre type de cheveux et de vos besoins, nous vous recommandons l'un des masques de traitement Rahua : le masque d'hydratation et/ou le masque Omega 9. Le masque d'hydratation va infuser vos cheveux avec ce niveau d'hydratation supplémentaire en profondeur, déshydratant les mèches déshydratées, tandis que le masque Omega 9 va travailler sur la fortification et la réparation de la structure moléculaire et protéique de vos cheveux.

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