• Staycation after the Vacation. Yes Please!

January 05, 2022

Who needs a staycation after the vacation? Us please! and by staycation we mean staying in while indulging in selfcare. How wonderful! January is the perfect time of the year to plan to do nothing, except of course ehem... getting back to work... and then coming back home to just chill and pamper yourself. There is a joy of taking life slow at home during this month especially following the hype of the holidays, with the dropping temperatures and the need to reconvene with oneself before embarking onto the new year's resolutions. To help you make the most out of your staying in 'me time', we have prepared a list of selfcare indulgences to give you an elevated sense of wellbeing from the comfort of your own home. Trust us, it's the small things 

1. Set the mood with a room diffuser

Imagine entering your home or your main living area to be greeted with a vibrant natural scent that invites you to relax. This will instantly set the mood, engaging your sense of calm and positivity. We have placed this Susanne Kaufmann room diffuser around our main living area to infuse our home atmosphere with the natural scents of of citrus, orange, apple mandarin, combined with cinnamon and pine. 

Susanne Kaufmann Room Diffuser

2. Turn your bathroom into a home spa

Isn't that the ultimate objective of wellness at home. One brand does it best: Susanne Kaufmann. Find in our collection the most loved products from their own spa collection at Hotel Bezau. Below is our top picks of spa inspired products to add to your bathroom. You can also browse through our full Susanne Kaufmann Collection here.

Mountain Pine Bath Oil 

Just pour into your bath and let the soothing essential oils relieve your muscle tensions, boost your immunity and leave your skin velvety soft and hydrated.

Toning and firming body cream by Susanne Kaufmann

Restorative Toning Body Cream

Get a little kickstart on your New Year's "getting back in shape" resolution with this spa strength toning and firming body cream by Susanne Kaufmann.

Home Spa Set by Susanne Kaufmann

Limited Edition Home Spa Set

The Home Spa Set brings the Susanne Kaufmann Spa experience straight to your bathroom. Pampering body products and a moisturizing facial mask nourishes the skin and bring it safely through the cold season.

3. Upgrade your home sleeping routine 

It is during our hours of sleep that the hard work of cellular regeneration takes place. Sufficient sleep is not only good for your body and mind but also for your skin. According to experts we should aim for seven to eight hours of sleep.Try adding the below items to your sleeping routine to enhance the quality of your sleep and make the most out of these hours of rest and regeneration. In addition to the below ease your way into a good night sleep by dimming the lights, not over heating the room, reduce the time between bedtime and electronics, a cup of herbal tea and of course a night skincare routine to support your skin rejuvenation process.

Lavender Eye Pillow by Holistic Silk

Lavender Eye Pillow by Holistic Silk

Lie back and quieten your mind and soul with our ultimate relaxation aid, the Lavender Eye Pillow.  

Sleeping Lavender Eye Mask by Holistic Silk

Lavender Eye Mask by Holistic Silk

It's award winning ergonomic design perfectly fits the contours of your face. Contains a soothing natural Lavender

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase by Holistic Silk

Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase by Holistic Silk 

High quality silk pillowcases won't absorb your night creams and will reduce hair friction. You will wake up the next morning with a fresh face, no sleep lines on your skin and virtually no bed hair and hair frizz. Worth the investment! 

Pillow Spray by Susanne Kaufmann

Ease into sleep with the calming properties of lavender for a more restful night. Spray it on your pillow or into the room's air. This lavender spray is combined with orange oil to support the respiratory passages.

4. Spend more time on your face routine and do more face workouts 

Taking it slow this month means you will have more time to spend on a more elaborated skin care regimen. Home face workouts and masking are some of the extra face care that takes skincare at home to the next level and that you don't necessarily always have time to do religiously. When you take your time to indulge in high performance natural skincare products, the effects is not only on your skin but also on your mind. The essences and high grade oils present in the products will also work on your senses giving you a beautiful sense of wellbeing and satisfaction. You can add the below tools from Skin Gym and masks to your arsenal for a more professional take on your skincare routine and watch our tutorials on instagram!

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