• How to make the switch to clean beauty

September 18, 2018

As you may or may not have already heard, clean beauty is more than just a green and natural movement. Similarly to the food you choose to put in your body, the products you choose to put on your skin makes a huge difference on your health and wellbeing.

You might be wondering, what is clean beauty?

What we refer to as “clean beauty”, are products that are completely free of any proven or potentially toxic ingredients. Almost all the ingredients included are organic, wildcrafted and natural. The clean beauty community also prides itself to follow incorporate additional standards such as ethical sourcing, sustainability as well as cruelty free. 

Over the past few years, clean beauty products have become just as luxurious and effective as their chemical counterparts without the potential detriments to your health. That sounds like a no-brainer to us! Especially knowing that on average women use more than 160 chemicals on a daily basis in their body, hair and skin care routines as well as in their makeup and perfumes, etc. Several of these ingredients have been confirmed as potential endocrine disruptors, skin/eye irritants, carcinogenic and neurotoxic!

What are the toxic ingredients to avoid in beauty products?

Some of the most common ingredients to look for on the label are parabens, pesticides, petroleum and its derivatives, artificial coloring, silicones, sulphates and phthalates. 

If you wish to go deeper, here’s a full list of toxic ingredients to avoid. You’ll learn what to look for on the labels and the potential negative effects on your health. The more knowledge you acquire, the more you’ll become a conscious consumer. 

Making the switch to clean beauty might get overwhelming in the beginning. We are here to guide you through it, help you know where to start, what budget-friendly products to switch out first, and what is really ‘clean’ and what is not - especially in a market that is flooded with greenwashed and non-authentic brands trying to align themselves with the natural movement.

So here’s a guide on how to transition to clean and natural products.

Lynn’s 5 steps guide to make the switch to clean beauty 

1. Switch up your basic clean beauty routine

Start off by switching out your basic routine and leave your serums, treatments, and oils for the next step. Your basic skincare routine includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer - and add a deep cleansing mask once a week. You’ll see how easy it is!

2. Clean up you body shower gel

In parallel, you can “clean up” your body shower gel. With just one product, you will have covered the largest skin surface on your body and the greatest amount of absorption points.

3. Ditch your conventional deodorant/antiperspirant

Natural deodorant is another important switch to make in your routine, especially for the women out there! Remember the proximity of sweat glands to the breast glands. There are major concerns regarding aluminum filled antiperspirants that prevent your body from flushing away all the toxins naturally the way it should. Fall is a perfect time to make the switch to a clean deodorant because the weather is milder, making it a perfect transitory period for your body to release all the bad toxins from chemical deodorants.

4. Start out small 

Of course you shouldn’t throw all your current products. In order to make the switch the least overwhelming on you (and your wallet!), the next time one of your regular products runs out, go ahead and swap it for its clean alternative. There are a lot of clean beauty products out there - trust us. If you’re not sure about what you’re looking for, let us help you find the perfect match. 

5. Get an expert advice

Unfortunately, not everything labeled “natural” is actually 100% natural, safe and clean. So don’t only look for "natural" products, look for clean and non-toxic cosmetics.

If you don’t know what toxic ingredients to avoid and how to choose between different brands, you can visit our store or get in touch with us by phone, Whatsapp, Instagram or through our contact form. We will make the switch easy for you! Our team will help you identify your skincare concerns, provide you with expert advice, lots of samples and teach you effective clean beauty routines and techniques!

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