• Everybody Is Talking About Maskne

March 22, 2021

Have you heard about Maskne! Wondering what it is? Mask + Acne = Maskne. Yes it is a thing. And no it’s not just another skincare fad. And if you haven’t yet experienced it, hopefully you won’t just make sure to take preventive care especially with the approach of the summer. Since wearing a mask has become a daily part of our life, people are increasingly complaining about Maskne. Maskne happens when your skin becomes irritated and inflamed because of the friction and heat that builds up under your mask. Breathing all day in a mask creates a hot and humid environment, which mixed with sweat, sebum, saliva and the different bacteria expelled by your mouth or sitting on a used mask create the perfect conditions for pimples and breakouts to thrive. It can also manifest as redness and irritation. Maskne happens on the lower half of your face that is usually covered by the mask. You don't have to succumb to maskne, you just need to follow few common sense steps especially if you have a skin that can easily get congested or irritated. The approach of the summer (heat, humidity, sweat) could exacerbate the problem. So be ready, let’s prevent rather than treat!

Step 1.    Chose wisely your mask

If you made the sustainable choice to use reusable masks you should go for breathable fabrics such as 100% silk (washable) or 100% cotton. Synthetic fabrics will retain more moisture and sweat, fostering a favorable environment for maskne. You should always make sure that your mask fits well and comfortably to avoid additional friction on your skin. Friction weakens the skin barrier making it more prone to irritation and inflammation. If you have opted for a reusable mask it is important to wash it after every use. You might need to invest in a couple of ones. The disposable surgical mask is also an alternative; it is breathable and recommended by dermatologists. In this case too you have to throw it before it becomes dirty. In all cases, it is essential to wash your hands before handling your mask. Avoid touching the inner side that is in contact with your skin. Also make sure to avoid touching your face after handling a dirty mask. Hand washing again. Note that during summer, if you are out all day, your mask could become damp because of humid exhaled breath. In this case it is advisable to have an extra mask with you.

Step 2. Adopt the right skincare habit before, during and after

Whether dealing with maskne or just regular acne our recommendation on your cleansing routine is the same: keep your skin always clean; that’s your best strategy to avoid breakouts before they even start. The same applies in the case of maskne. You need to make sure you are wearing your mask on a cleansed face and when you remove it you need to make sure you properly wash it right away. Don't wait until the night to cleanse your face, do it as soon as you get home. If you find yourself cleansing more than the usual twice a day, make sure to use a gentler non-comedogenic cleanser for the extra times, if your main cleanser is not gentle enough. While wearing your mask it is important to shield your skin with a moisturizer that locks in moisture and keep unwanted things out. The moisturizer will act as an additional layer between your skin and the mask. Go for a lighter texture on this area like hyaluronic acid and ceramides to ensure a healthy skin barrier that wont clog pores given the environment created by your hot breath under the mask. We recommend de Mamiel Intense Nurture Anti Oxidant Elixir. This face serum will create a healthy protective skin barrier while also neutralising polluants and impurities and repairing skin cells damage. Finally make sure to perform regular mild exfoliation and pore cleansing to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells keeping your skin at its most optimal state. If your skin is irritated in this area opt for an enzyme exfoliation such as Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask with BHA and pomegranate enzymes (P.S: this mask is also a glow treatment mask, yey 2 in 1!); rather than a mechanical exfoliation and don't over do it. Once a week is enough. Needless to say, skip make up at least on the area covered by the mask since you probably don't need it!

Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir by de Mamiel 

Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir 

by de Mamiel 

Natural Glow Treatment by Tata Harper

Resurfacing Mask

by Tata Harper

Step 3. Treat it carefully if you were not able to prevent it

If you’re well past prevention, below are some products that can help you treat it. Susanne Kaufmann Clarifying Tonic followed by Susanne Kaufmann Active Concentrate Clarifying. The first is a toner that will rebalance your skin PH and has a natural antibacterial compound. The second is a treatment that will fight blemishes and skin impurities while healing and soothing. It has an antibacterial and anti inflammatory natural compound. It is also critical that you supplement, weekly, with a purifying clay mask to keep your pores clean deep inside preventing a further cycle of breakouts. We recommend Tata Harper Purifying Mask with natural salicylic acid. For more sensitive and irritated skin we recommend Susanne Kaufmann Healing Earth Mask. If you need a quick spot treatment that will instantly reduce the size and redness of a zit, we use a trick from Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask with BHA and fruit enzymes (see product in step 2). Just apply a small amount of the mask on the spot overnight!

Natural Anti bacterial clarifying toner by Susanne Kaufmann

Tonic Clarifying by Susanne Kaufmann

Natural Treatment for acne and breakouts by Susanne Kaufmann

Active Agent Concentrate by Susanne Kaufmann

Natural Deep pore cleansing and detox with salycilic acid by Tata Harper

Purifying Mask by Tata Harper

Natural Glow Mask by Tata Harper

Resurfacing Mask by Tata Harper

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