• 10 Products to Get You Summer Ready

June 11, 2020

Summer is in the air and after a surreal lockdown, I think we are all ready to get into that light and fun summer mood and 'joie de vivre'. Whether you are staying put, packing your bags, moving to your summerhouse there are few best skin care products for summer you should add to your shelf for your skin routine to be as perfect as the days ahead! 

Natural Sunscreen by Josh Rosebrook

1. SPF 

Whether you use it religiously all year long or not, in summer time it is a must. Unless of course you are staying indoors, but who wants that! We love Josh Rosebook Nutrient Day Cream because it is both a moisturizer and an SPF at the same time. Not only does it provide needed hydration and protection but it is also formulated with anti oxidant ingredients ideal to help you fight the damaging effects of pollution and sun. It is light in texture, does not leave a white residue and is adapted for all skin types. It comes in a tinted and non tinted version. The tinted version (universal tint) is great to give you a natural glow without make up. We recommend the tinted version for anyone with uneven skin tone or with rosacea. 

Read our Guide to Sunscreens & Sun protection here

2. Body Scrub

Pro tip: Achieving a flawless tan starts with exfoliation. This Body Scrub from Susanne Kaufmann removes dead skin cells while soothing the skin and reducing pore size. It is also infused with honey and plant based Hyaluronic Acid  to nourish and hydrate. Whether you are aiming for a sun tan or a faux tan, you should definitely add a body scrub to your summer arsenal. Best Body scrub for summer routine.


Body Scrub by Susanne Kaufmann
Body Oil for Summer by Max and Me

3. Body Oil

Body Oils are great in summer after you come out of the shower and while your skin is still damp, to regenerate and replenish your skin. We have selected this high vibrancy oil from Max and Me "Journey in Time" because of its repairing, renewing and toning properties. Toning? yes definitely want that in summer! With skin invigorating Ylang yang and a beautiful mix of Sandalwood, Rose, Patchouli, Jasmin and Lotus. This is the best body oil for glowing skin in summer.
Discover the rest of our Body Oil collection here. 

4. Hair Mask for Summer

Summer effect on your hair can be damaging. The heat, the sweat and dust, the effect of pollution and chlorine water can all turn your hair lifeless and limp. This Omega 9 Hair Mask from Rahua is a best seller all year long but we strongly recommend you add it to your shelf in the summer to keep your hair soft, hydrated and shiny. This salon qualtity hair mask is 100% natural and can be used once a week to maintain overall hair health.  


Natural Hair Mask by Rahua to Protect your hair in the summer
Natural Deodorant that works by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

5. Natural Deodorant

Before you give up on natural deodorants have you tried Aurelia Probiotic Botanical Cream Deodorant? We proud ourselves to having converted the most resisting customers who had lost hope in finding an effective natural alternative to toxic chemically laden deodorants. This cream in a jar deodorant- yes that's the new way of applying deodorants that feels more like TLC- has superfine powdered plant based botanicals that absorbs natural perspiration throughout the day and inhibits odor causing bacteria. If you prefer deodorant in a stick check out our other favorite natural deodorant from Agent Nateur  

6. Vitamin C

While it is strongly advisable to drop your Vitamin A or retinol in the summer, especially during the day, due to the risk of skin sensitization; Vitamin C is a gentler hero ingredient to keep your skin healthy and smooth in summer. It is one of the most powerful anti oxidant, it is also great in fading dark spots, hyper pigmentation and fighting breakouts. Agent Nateur Holi C is a powder formula, the most stable form of Vitamin C. Under this form it will retain its potency throughout the lifetime of your vial. It is mixed with calcium to stimulates hyaluronic acid production and increase skin elasticity. One of the best of its league.


Powder Vitamin C for the face by Agent Nateur
Natural Cleansing Gel for Combination and Oily Skin by Susanne Kaufmann

7. Hardworking Cleanser

While in summer you should downgrade your moisturizer consistency and thickness during the day, one thing you definitely need to upgrade is your night cleanser. It is crucial to have a hardworking cleanser at night that will remove all the SPF, grim, dust, sweat and pollution from hot humid summer days to keep your pores clear and avoid breakouts. This foaming Cleansing Gel from Susanne Kaufmann made with natural surfactants (aka natural foaming ingredients) is gentle yet powerful with anti bacterial ingredients to keep  blemishes away. It is one of our best selling cleansers all year long. Adapted for all skin types and ideal for combination/oily skin.  

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8. Gentle Exfoliator

An A game cleansing routine is not complete without exfoliation. A regular deeper cleanse is crucial in summer to remove  stubborn dead skin cells and build up from the surface of your epidermis to avoid breakouts. We have selected this gentle exfoliator by Tata Harper because you will need to reach out for your exfoliator more often during the summer to keep your skin soft and clear. The Regenerating Cleanser has been designed for frequent use and formulated with crushed apricot seeds, pomegranate enzymes and white willow bark to clear build up, refine pore size and reveal a brighter complexion. If you prefer a powder formula that you can add to your cleanser, check out Vanderohe Exfoliating Powder.


Regenerating Cleanser by Tata Harper
RMS Magic Luminizer

9. Subtle Highlighter

You definitely need to keep your make up minimal and simple in summer. A beautiful tan and a glowing skin is all you need. But for those nights out where you need just a little something extra, reach out for best selling 'Magic Luminizer' by RMS Beauty. It will illuminate your look with a subtle, sheer luminous glow. Easy to apply it with a brush or your fingers over elevated areas of the face such as cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, inner corners of eyes, and on the cupid's bow.   

10. Lip Shine

Finally, for us a fresh, luminous, summer look rimes with lip shine. A simple trick to add a pop of color and revive your look instantly. We chose the Lip Shine collection from RMS Beauty because they are infused with burriti oil, vitamin A and C so they will also keep your lips nourished and protected with antioxidant ingredients. A handbag must have!  

Lip gloss by RMS with burrito Oil Vitamin A and Vitamin C


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