Lavender Eye Pillow

Holistic Silk

This organic seed and Lavender filled pillow is an ancient wonder adapted for 21st century living. Instantly soothing and relaxing, great for napping, it can make a quiet ten minutes rest feel like an hour. The ergonomic design rests on your acupressure points for clarity and calm, making it instantly soothing. Naturally cooling, it blocks out light to induce sleep and treats headaches, migraines, sinusitis, stress and insomnia.  Ensures a moment of tranquillity and calm at any time.

Recommended by Sleep Experts as a perfect short nap or night time routine addition to aid stress and insomnia. 

Each Lavender Eye Pillow comes with a beautiful Organza storage bag to make sure your Eye Pillow is clean and safe whether you are home or away.



How to use

Begin by gently rolling the Eye Pillow between your hands to release the relaxing fragrance, place it across the eye area, sit back and relax.  For the ultimate sleep use the Eye Pillow for ten minutes before wearing your Lavender Eye Mask.

Care Information

Clean the surface of your Eye Pillow with a damp cloth or dry clean only.  Do not immerse in water. Please note that you can instantly revive the long-lasting aroma of your Eye Pillow by simply rolling between your hands.


Classic versions are made from 100% Silk Dupion fabric whilst Brocade versions are 100% Silk Dupion on the underside with a Silk fibre mix brocade design on the upper.

Made in Britain using responsibly sourced textiles.