Circle of Protection

Sophisticated with a floral elegance that reveals also an exciting spiciness and a grounding cocooning scent, leaves you stunned.

A guardian of skin and spirit, this golden-hued body oil blend embraces you ever so tenderly, while protecting you from environmental challenges and the elements.

Precious moisturizing, antioxidant beauty oils will nourish your thirsty skin and highly vibrant plant essences support radiance and luminosity, inside
and out, while affording prudent care. Every application is a baptism of light energy, shielding and strengthening you, cocooning you, cradling you, embracing you.

Delicately fragrant Vetiver, Bourbon Geranium and Manuka form a circle of protection around you. The beautiful scent and the high vibrations of exotic Litsea, sparkling Silver Fir and shimmering Jasmine envelope you.

a powerful antioxidant that heals and protects
shields against environmental stressors and digital pollution
boosts self-healing
restores optimum hydration, leading to petalsoft, dewy skin
protects and strengthens on a subtle dimension
highly vibrant powers

How to use

When your skin and your soul need some tender loving care, warm a few drops of this heavenly oil blend in your palms, inhale deeply and connect with the very special energy. Then massage the body oil blend into the moist skin. These are moments of bliss.

Add a drop to smooth over your hair, to make that scent linger a little longer. Finish with a drop warmed between your palms stroking your aura with gentle moves

Elevate/heightening your experience

Warm a few drops of this heavenly oil blend in your palms, inhale deeply and connect with the very special energy. While applying “circle of protection", imagine your inner light expanding out of your body, putting you in a cocooning space. This can be beautifully done and imagined with deep breathing.

Skin type/condition: For all skin types, in particular those in need of protection against environmental and digital toxins / against free radicals


Argania spinosa Kernel Oil1, Sclerocarya birrea Kernel Oil (source of Vitamin C)2, Rosa moschata Seed Oil1, Michelia alba Flower Oil, Leptospermum scoparium Oil2, Pelargonium graveolens Oil, Jasminum sambac Flower Extrakt1, Litsea cubeba Fruit Oil1, Vetiveria zizanoides Extrakt1, Abies alba Leaf Oil3, Benzyl Alcohol4, Benzyl Benzoate4, Citral4, Citronellol4, Geraniol4, Limonene4, Linalool4
1 certified organic cultivation
2 wild crafted
3 organically grown wild crop
4 natural constituents of essential oils

Key Ingredients

Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil (source of Vitamin A), Marula, Magnolia, Silver Fir, Litsea

High-vibe sourcing

It is said that whenever you feel lost and in need of protection the beautiful scent and high vibrations of exotic Litsea, this sacred evergreen tree from Vietnam, calls upon your guardians and upon the light. Together with grounding Vetiver, subtle energy worker Bourbon Geranium and potent Manuka it forms a cocooning circle of protection around you.

Magnolia – eliminates fear of the dark, illuminates your inner self

Manuka1 – highly protective ritual oil of the Maori attracts positive energy

Bourbon Geranium2 – deflects negative energy, affords protection

Jasmine2 – supports the Qi-energy of the heart, calms the nerves and uplifts the mind, helps with anxiety and restlessness. Also enhances intuition.

Litsea2 – attracts white light and cosmic protection

Vetiver Bourbon2 – grounds, protects, affords safety

Rose Damask2 – makes you receptive for universal love, dissolves blocks in the aura

Silver Fir3 – brings protection and light

1 wild crafted 

2 certified organic cultivation 

3 organically grown wild crop

A deeper look into the ingredients:

The blend of essential oils in “circle of protection” increases the resilience of your skin, protects against environmental and digital influences and pampers you. With the particularly beautiful characteristics of exalted, luxurious Magnolia, skin-enhancing Manuka, nourishing Bourbon Geranium, Qi-enhancing, repairing Jasmine, Litsea, protective and nurturing Vetiver, rejuvenating and moisturizing Rose and highly vibrant Silver Fir.

A rare harmony

Purest, finest, organic Moroccan Argan oil from natural wild-growing trees.

Legends abound regarding this magical golden shimmering oil, relating that argan oil can have strong re- juvenating effects, repairing and renewing cells with anitoxidative benefits. It is even considered to be a secret potion against cellulitis, soothing irritated skin and pampering sensitive skin.

Wonderfully protective South African Marula oil from carefully selected wild harvest. Highly moisturizing, is said to be an outstanding antioxidant. We greatly value its gentle calming and caressing effect on the skin.

Cold-pressed organic Chilean rosehip oil. A most precious oil with a beautiful golden-yellow tone. It has been said that this oil can have a highly rejuvenating effect due to its deeply regenerative and nourishing properties.