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Water Crystals

Holistic Silk

Water loses some of its natural curative properties due to reprocessing and filtering. Adding Gem Crystals can instill a positive energetic structure to your drinking water, which can include softening it as well as making it taste fresher. 

The captivating natural beauty of Gem Water Crystals also encourage you to drink more water. 

This crystal well-being mix contains the purest forms of:

Amethyst: for calm and clarity.

Chalcedony: for healing and cleansing.

Ocean Jasper: to sustain and support.

Rose Quartz: for love and peace.

Fossilised Wood: for earthing and grounding.

How to use 

Contains approx. 15 Crystals.

Water Crystals come with a beautiful Organza storage bag to make sure they are clean and safe whether you are home or away.

Care Information 

Use for approx. 10 days, then clean your crystals with a brush in cold water before reusing.


Crystals: Amethyst, Chalcedony, Ocean Jasper, Rose Quartz, Fossilized Wood