Gua Sha Rose Quartz Crystal (Heart)

Skin Gym

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Skin Gym's Rose Quartz Crystal Sculpty Heart Facial Gua Sha tool is specifically designed to enhance your natural beauty by stimulating circulation while de-puffing, lifting and sculpting your face.


Regular massaging with our Skin Gym Sculpty Heart Facial Gua Sha tool will help to drain puffiness and unwanted toxins, contour the face and help smooth out fine lines.

Rose Quartz is a beautifying and healing stone. It helps to ease tension, stress and anxiety, increases self-love and promotes feelings of well-being.

About Gua Sha: Gua Sha is an ancient facial therapy used by emperors and empresses. The methods, techniques and instruments are based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Gua sha is not just a beauty treatment but also has therapeutic benefits.

How to use

Use this precious healing crystal tool to release facial tension and get rid of negative energy. 

Tip: Apply serum or oil to give your skin the necessary lubrication for massage.

Workout: Use your Skin Gym Sculpty Heart tool over clean skin daily for 3 minutes -5 minutes daily for radiant skin. Repeat each exercise below at least 5x per workout and do each side of the face separately for maximum benefit.

Jawline and Chin: Glide your Skin Gym Sculpty Heart Facial Gua Sha tool upwards from the center of the chin out to the earlobe to contour the jaw

Forehead: Start at the center of the forehead and divide your forehead into three section and glide your tool outwards. Scrape once, then move down a bit and scrape again.

Under-Eye: Start in the inner corner of the eye, and glide outwards to the temple to send your eye-bags packing (Be super delicate in the area around your eyes)

Brows: Glide upwards along the brow bone - going from the inside out.

Lips: Glide over your lips back & forth 5-7 times for plumped pout

Neck: Section your neck into 4 areas and scrape each section from the bottom up - 5 strokes per section.

Note: Your Skin Gym Gua Sha can be used with light pressure on the face to prevent bruising on the face. 

For additional healing and relaxation benefits, and to reduce inflammation, place the stone in the refrigerator for a few minutes or run under cold water. The stone is naturally cool, but this extra temperature reduction will aid your efforts to increase circulation, expel toxins, and stimulate collagen production.


Rose Quartz Crystal

Due to natural variations in the stone, your roller is individually unique in color and pattern.