Nacre by Dosage

Mother-of-pearl extract, when taken orally, is intended to promote bone renewal, skin moisturization and (epi)dermal regeneration.

In Chinese Medicine, mother-of-pearl (cf. pearl) powder is cold in thermostatic character, silky in texture and sweet and salty in sapor.

Used for centuries by ancestral traditions in various cultures to increase bone density, relieve stress, balance mood swings, calm the nervous system, restore radiance, support the liver, improve skin complexion.

Modern science and technology has unlocked the active components in this natural wonder, making them highly bioavailable to the human body.

The powder encapsulated inside the DOSAGE M-o-P jar is 100% pure. Free of environmental toxins such as heavy metals, additives and harmful microbes, it is strictly composed of nacre powder (particle size 50–100 µm) isolated from oyster shells.

Administered in powdered form for oral consumption or as a face mask, its powerful antioxidant properties offer protection and radiance from inside out.

How to use 

Oral administration
1 capsule per day for long term benefits

External application
Face mask or finishing powder


95-97% Inorganic substances: calcium carbonate in the form of pure aragonite and mineral elements (free from calcite, metallic particles, chemical contaminants and heavy metals).

3-5% organic substances: macro biological molecules, polysaccharides, lipids and fibrous proteins (rich in amino acids in association with small molecules, peptides and trace elements).