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Lynn's Apothecary Gift Set: Sleep Well kit

Lynn's Apothecary Gift Set: Sleep Well kit


USD177 value.

This set contains:

- Holistic Silk Anti Aging Silk Pillowcase

- Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask 

- Susan Kaufmann Pillow Spray Calming  

Sleep is an essential element for our overall health and it directly affects the health and look of our skin. This set will enhance the quality of your sleep, maximize the effectiveness of your night creams and care for your precious locks.  (See Individual product details below)

Holistic Silk Anti Aging Silk Pillowcase

Naturally dyed and hypoallergenic these fabulous 'Anti Aging' silk pillowcase are beautifully smooth and could help slowdown the onset of wrinkles and facial lines. Silk contains amino acids with the same ph level as healthy hair and skin, unlike cotton, it won't soak up your night creams or crease your face as you sleep and will keep your hair soft and silky and your skin serene.

Silk contains serecin, which mirrors the protein structure of hair. This means hair is protected as it glides over silk ensuring it is frizz free in the morning.

At a generous weight of 19 momme silk Holistic Silk's pillowcases are also finished to the highest standard with French seams and satin piping throughout. You wont find better...

Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask 

Stress relieving and perfect for insomniacs. Let sleep prevail with this award winning, timeless, classic Lavender Eye Mask made from luxurious silk. 

Specifically created to help you sleep more deeply and to boost energy levels for the morning. Holistic Silk's super size design rests on your cheekbones and forehead rather than sitting on the eyes which means it is especially comfortable and nonrestrictive, whilst being completely effective at blocking out the light.

Filled with real lavender to subtly fragrance the air and lined in super smooth cotton velvet. Simply tie on and lie back to feel the benefit. The soft velvet ties ensure the best comfort and fit: once tied to suit you, just slip on and off. You won't feel the ties, Holistic Silkpromise!

Susan Kaufmann Pillow Spray Calming

The Susanne Kaufmann pillow spray calming contains precious lavender oil which is known for its relaxing and soporific properties. Luxurious orange oil supports the respiratory passages and ensures intense recovery.

The pillow spray is drizzled onto the pillow directly before going to bed and immediately provides a soothing smell. The spray can also be used as a room fragrance.

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