Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender essential oil is taken through the distillation of the Lavender spikes of the plant. This powerful oil helps in the treatment of anxiety, stress, respiratory problems, urinary problems, and digestive problems. In addition, it supports blood circulation, supports the heart’s health and has been shown to treat diabetes. This herb is very soothing for the skin, being an anti-inflammatory, it reduces redness and treats scars. Lavender helps calm down the nerves in order to promote a restful sleep.

How to use

- Apply 2-3 drops on your palms and then inhale the scent for about 1 minute until reaches your emotional warehouse in the brain, relieving anxiety and stress.

- Apply 1-2 drops on the wrists, feet, or temples for instant calming effect. - In order to treat minor burns, apply 2-3 drops on the affected area. - Apply on cuts to disinfect and clean the wound. - Apply 2-3 drops on your pillow before going to sleep in order to promote a restful night.



- Do not apply more than the recommended amount to avoid irritation or other possible side effects.

- Test on a small area of your skin before usage to monitor allergic reactions.

– Avoid Contact with eyes, ears and noise


Lavandula angustifolia essential oil