Flight to the sun

A lush blend which indulges you in dedicated, loving care and deep replenishment. Every time your skin, soul & spirit need a little brighten-me-up and nourishing feed, you can reach into that rich resource of “flight to the sun” and feel intently nurtured and strong. Your skin will happily respond to the regenerative powers with a dewy, supple look. Your senses will be uplifted by the exquisite scent of rare, pampering, decongesting essential oils, blended with moisturizing, antioxidant Argan, Marula and Rosehip, which embrace you with their many talents. With every cherished application of this goodness you will feel like you are bathed in a warm, nourishing light, sensing your inner strength.

nurturing for skin & soul
deeply regenerating
replenishing, gives loving, dedicated care
imparts dewy softness
feels like bathing in a warm nourishing light
promotes love for life
gives you inner strength
decongesting (anti-cellulite)
highly vibrant powers

How to use

Stepping right out of the shower, slowly glide your hands filled with precious, golden drops all over your still moist skin. Softly massage your whole body, enjoying the calm, the relief, the silkiness, the softness, the glow, the sweet hydration.

Add a drop to smooth over your hair, to make that scent linger a little longer.

Finish with a drop warmed between your palms stroking your aura with gentle moves.

Place a little oil between your palms, cup hands over mouth and nose, breathe in deeply to connect with its nourishing energy.

Hold and pause for a moment in your day, visualising warmth and joy – going deep into these emotions. Feel like bathing in a warm, nourishing light, sensing your inner strength. This will raise your spirits and elevate your love of life.


Argania spinosa Kernel Oil1, Sclerocarya birrea Kernel Oil (source of Vitamin C) 2, Rosa Moschata Seed Oil (source of Vitamin A & C)1, Abies Alba Leaf Oil1, Picea Pungens2, Citrus Aurantium Flower Oil1, Cananga Odorata Flower Oil1, Michelia Alba Flower Oil, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil1, Abies Alba Leaf Oil, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate4, Citronellol4, Eugenol4, Farnesol4, Geraniol4, Limonene4, Linalool4
1 certified organic cultivation 
2 wild-crafted 
3 organically grown wild crop 
4 natural constituents of essential oils

High-vibe sourcing

Argania spinosa, this magical golden oil, is one of the energy healers in this blend holding the talent to infuse you with strength and nurturance. These ancient trees have learnt through millennia to tenaciously survive the calcareous soils of Marocco`s semi-deserts and live for as long as 250 years. Alongside White Fir, Silver Fir and Pine Spruce which grow up high in the cold North and so stunningly hold and foster light and warmth handing it over to you with their essential oils. This blend is so good in instilling love of life, hope and joy.

A deeper look into the ingredients

The blend of essential oils in “flight to the sun“ was created to replenish, nurture and nourish, to give loving care with the wonderful characteristics of White Fir, Blue Spruce, regenerating & moisturizing Neroli, reviving, tonic Ylang-Ylang, luxurious Magnolia, moisturizing & repairing Rose and highly vibrant Silver Fir.

A rare harmony

Purest, finest, organic Moroccan Argan oil from natural wild-growing trees. Legends abound regarding this magical golden shimmering oil, relating that Argan oil can have strong rejuvenating effects, repairing and renewing cells with anitoxidative benefits. It is even considered to be a secret potion against cellulitis, soothing irritated skin and pampering sensitive skin.

Wonderfully protective South African Marula oil from carefully selected wild harvest. Highly moisturizing, is said to be an outstanding antioxidant. We greatly value its gentle calming and caressing effect on the skin.

Cold-pressed organic Chilean Rosehip oil. A most precious oil with a beautiful golden-yellow tone. It has been said that this oil can have a highly rejuvenating effect due to its deeply regenerative and nourishing properties