Bamboo Toothbrush Set


Bamboo toothbrushes are unique for a number of reasons and the clever month indicator is so far the most exciting bit. Activated charcoal properties built into the bristles, so there’s no need for messy charcoal powder. It absorbs plaque and bacteria rather than rubbing it across the teeth. It also helps whiten teeth and fights teeth stains left by things like coffee and red wine.

Reduce Plastic Pollution- plastic bamboo toothbrushes take up to 300 years to break down to microplastics while bamboo takes a few months to decompose in a landfill.

1 Year Supply-1 pack of 4 toothbrushes can last 1 person a full year.

Individually Designed- each toothbrush comes with a unique carved design on both sides. Tell instantly which one is yours. No more guesswork!
Extra Smooth Handles- absolutely no splinters from wood, sanded to perfection.
Month Replacement Indicator- mark the carved month you start using your toothbrush. Replace it every 3 months (as recommended by the American Dental Association).
Durable Handles- made from Moso Bamboo species that grow fast and are durable, they are usually used for furniture.
Soft Charcoal Bristles- activated charcoal bristles help keep your teeth white and healthy. They are thin enough to go to those hard to reach in-between's and are so durable, the bristles won't fall off after months of use.
Crafty Minimalist Design- it is designed to be the same size as your average plastic toothbrush and shaped for an ergonomic grip. The flat minimalist surface allows for the crafty full engravings on each side.
Zero Plastic Packaging- packaged in recyclable kraft paper

How to use

The clever month indicator is so far the most exciting bit. Simply use a permanent marker to mark the month you start using your toothbrush.

Remember, good oral hygiene dictates a toothbrush replacement every 3 months.


The highest quality toothbrushes without losing sight of the values for sustainability and making the world a better place.

Made of high quality nylon because its softer properties (which is good for your teeth) and a lower water absorption (which is good for keeping your brush hygienic) compared to other types of nylon. Nylon is a strong, durable and hygienic synthetic material with a carbon footprint that is comparable to wool.

Additionally the bristles are infused with 100% Activated Charcoal to help keep your teeth white.