• Summer Breakouts and Lynn's Summer Routine Tips!

July 11, 2018

It’s time for those sunset Instagram posts and monogrammed beach hats! With your freshly-painted toes, the switch from hot to cold brew, it’s time for a seasonal beauty routine switch up! While you may feel that summer breakouts are unavoidable, we’re here to share some tips to help you avoid spots, makeup tips and pick me ups to rescue any summer skin spot that comes your way.

Where the problem(s) could be coming from – and what to do about it!

Swimming pools – too much chlorine exposure can make your skin very dry and therefore your skin will respond by producing more oil – which is not what want, especially in the summer.
How to solve it: After a day by (and in) the pool, make sure to wash your face properly, to strip your face from the chlorine chemicals. 

Beach towels – forceful rubbing can irritate your follicles and worsen acne and breakouts. 
How to solve it: When getting out of the water, instead of roughly drying your body with your towel, gently pat it against your body to avoid triggering the problem! Don’t leave a damp towel too long against your skin!

Sweaty clothes & head accessories- sweat-dampened clothes and head accessories can make your pores dirty and blocked!
How to solve it: Soon after a workout or after you’ve been sweating, make sure to properly cleanse your face to remove any toxins released by your dilated pores and that could interact with any pollution/dirt/bacteria in the air. Take a shower to prevent damp sweat to build up on your moist skin and make sure to wash the clothes/accessories before wearing them again. 

The (wrong) sunscreen – water-resistant and chemical sunscreens often contain ingredients that more often than not, clog your pores and cause pimples and breakouts and are also more difficult to wash from your face, meaning that the excess product on your face will build up.
How to solve it: Switching from a chemical to a mineral/physical sunscreen, which contains less harsh ingredients can be both easily washed off without worrying about what ingredients you are putting on your face. Lynn also suggests that when you are no longer exposed to the sun, wash off your sunscreen properly!

Makeup Brushes- Makeup brushes can harvest bacteria that will easily interact with moist skin from sweat.
How to solve it: Make sure to properly cleanse your make up brushes at least once a week. Make sure not to use your make up brush on an inflamed/infected spot to avoid transferring it to the rest of your face. 

Check out these light summer product suggestions to beat summer damage and some of Lynn's Summer Routine tips: 

-Cleanse, cleanse! The importance of cleansing your skin properly is one of our top tips! Swing by our store to pick out the best natural, clean and effective products!

Tata Harper's Clarifying Cleanser

Susanne Kaufmann's Cleansing Gel

-After cleansing, use one of the following toners/essences to add that extra hydration to aid skin repair and cell turnover:

Susanne Kaufmann's Clarifying Tonic

Susanne Kaufmann Moisturizing Spray

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare's Calming Botanical Essence

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare's Brightening Botanical Essence 

-Mask once a week! Deep cleanse once a week with a mask containing AHA and fruit enzymes to get to the deeper layers of your pores and purify your skin from the effect of pollution and other pore clogging impurities, dead skin cell build up. Summer Mask suggestions:

Tata Harper Purifying Mask 

Pai AHA Mask

Susanne Kaufmann Healing Earth Mask

-Lighten it up! Use lighter products throughout the day and allow your skin to recover and repair at night by using richer creams/oils, etc: 

Agent Nateur Holi (oil)

Agent Nateur Holi (c)

Opuntia Revival Night Oil

Pai Rosehip Radiance Mask

Tata Harper Crème Riche

-Switch! Switch your heavy foundation for a lighter tinted moisturizer or a powder foundation on top of your sunscreen or makeup! Loose or pressed powder helps pat away any unwanted oil-shine on your face. Here are some of our summer product suggestions to help minimize the appearance of pores, absorb excess oil and sets your makeup:

RMS "Un" Powder

Antonym Baked Foundation

-Glow! Get that summer glimmer with light fresh colors and highlighters! Summer product suggestions: 

RMS Lip2Cheek

Antonym Endless Summer

Antonym Highlighting Cheek Crush

ILIA Multistick

ILIA Illuminator

Shop our Summer Routine series

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