• Lynn's Ski Season Guide

January 17, 2019

It’s time to hit the slopes! While the hot cocoa and feeling of freshly powdered snow are pretty incomparable, we’re here to make sure that you are well prepared for the effects of mountain peak conditions ranging from dryness, windburn, redness, and sunburn!

Here are a few of Lynn’s easy tips to take with you on your next winter getaway!

Before hitting the slopes

Prior to putting on your skis, make sure your skin is well hydrated and protected! It is the perfect time to whip out a thicker and heavier moisturizer to deeply nourish and create a protective barrier. Either Tata Harper’s Creme Riche or Susanne Kaufmann’s Line T Moisturizer are saviors for ski temperatures and will be one of your best Winter allies! Add a few drops of face oil in the palm of your hand and mix with your favorite moisturizer!

Do not neglect your eyes! Put on some of Susanne Kaufmann’s Eye Cream Line T, to smooth out and protect your eye area!

& don’t forget about SPF! Let your rich cream sink in and go ahead and add your mineral SPF!  +Opt for a (hydrating) pop of color and glow with ILIA’s Lip Conditioner with SPF15 or go “au naturel” with Hurraw’s Sun Lip Balm SPF 15!

Last but not least, add in some of Rahua’s Legendary Amazon Oil to prevent split ends and boost shine (with Morete oil in there that protects your hair from damaging UVA rays!)

During the Day

By now you probably already know that we always recommend to prime your skin with a toner. In the winter time especially, reach out for your hyaluronic-acid toner that will act as a humectant to keep you properly hydrated throughout the day- until your next round of moisturizer!

Tip: So if you have room in your backpack, bring a purse-friendly hyaluronic acid toner for a boost of hydration at lunchtime after a long day of skiing! Then make sure to renew your SPF to stay protected till the end of day!

Do not forget to stay well hydrated! Extreme cold weather conditions tend to make us more dehydrated than we think. Making sure that you drink tons of water will also ensure your body gets the proper oxygen you need, especially at higher altitudes.


Bask in some quality R&R time!
Make sure to wash your face after a long day on the slopes! Step away from harsh cleansers during this time and opt for a gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin in the harsher climate but will remove the SPF residue, like Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser or Susanne Kaufmann’s Cleansing Milk.

After cleansing your face, you can use this R&R time to put on your weekly face mask to give your face that extra hydration, such as Tata Harper’s Moisturizing Mask or Susanne Kaufmann’s Calming Mask.

+ If you’re sunburned, grab a post-sun exposure hero product like Susanne Kaufmann’s After Sun Gel Moisturizer, to calm and hydrate both your face and body!

If you can, draw yourself a soothing bath as your apres-ski treat, with some mind and muscle soothing bath oils such as Susanne Kaufmann’s travel-friendly Bath Trio, that’ll cover the length of your trip. The set includes an Oil Bath for the Senses, to calm, Oil Bath for Winter to pamper yourself after a cold day, and Witch Hazel Bath to tackle dry and flaky skin.

You can also use this time to dab on some of Rahua’s hydrating Leave-In Treatment on the ends of your hair to revitalize your helmet hair! Once you’re showered, put on some of Susanne Kaufmann’s Body Oil to regenerate your skin and you’ve successfully indulged in a proper R&R session!

If you’re hitting the town, you may want to keep your look simple and casual. We recommend just using Tata Harper’s Illuminating Moisturizer with real diamond dust for a natural glow base. ILIA’s Multistick is a perfect multi-use product for your cheeks, lips and eyes for a buildable color and RMS’ Living Luminizer for a sheer and luminous glow! If you need some concealer to cover up some redness or undereye bags, opt for RMS’ cult “Un-cover” up!

Happy Ski (& Apres-Ski) Season!

Tata Harper Creme Riche, Hydration, Anti Aging Susanne Kaufmann Day Cream Line T for Dry and Sensitive Skin Susanne Kaufmann Eye Cream Line T fine and sensitive skin ILIA Lip Conditioner with SPF 15  Hurraw Sun Lip Balm SPF 15 Rahua Legendary Amazon Hair Oil Aurelia Probiotic Miracle Face Cleanser  Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Face Milk  Tata Harper Moisturizing Mask  Susanne Kaufmann Calming Face Mask   Susanne Kaufmann After Sun Gel Moisturizer  Susanne Kaufmann Gift Box Bath Trio Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath For The Senses  Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath Winter Susanne Kaufmann Witch Hazel Bath  Rahua Hydrating Leave-In Hair Treatment  Susanne Kaufmann Body Oil  Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer Diamond Dust   ILIA Makeup Multistick Lynn's Apothecary  RMS Living Luminizer Lynn's Apothecary  RMS Un Cover Up Lynn's Apothecary

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