• 2 Easy Steps for a Smooth and Velvety Body

December 09, 2019

The air is getting crisp, we are getting into that zone ready to face the chilly days ahead. Whether you fret at the idea of the colder harsher days or it's your favourite time of the year, your body will thank you in the summer and years from now for taking some time to give it the proper TLC tender love and care it deserves. After all it is your largest organ! Although it is patiently hiding under layers of merino and cashmere, our body gets the driest in the wintertime and is more prone to that parched, lizard-esque skin and can easily get itchy and irritated. We don't want that! Just regularly scrub away dead dry skin and deeply hydrate your body during the drops in temperature and hot indoor air and your are good to go. 

We are completely, utterly in love with Susanne Kaufmann Body Scrub & Body Butter. Its the ultimate indulging duo to keep your skin in check, velvety and smooth all year long. It's all natural formulation, textures and smells will give you a true spa like experience at home.  

Susanne Kaufmann’s Body Scrub

A gentle but super effective body scrub with all-natural ingredients to help exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling nourished and smooth. Gentle and small Sea Sand & Pumice Powder softly exfoliate, cleanse , remove dead skin cells, promote blood circulation and help the skin renew itself. Plant-based Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisture. Black-Eyed St. John’s Wort (which is great for sensitive skin too!) helps calm, soothes the skin and reduces pore size. It also has Coneflower (Echinacea) extract with great anti-inflammatory and healing benefits! Once a week, apply the scrub on wet skin in circular motions then rinse off in the shower- it also makes for a great pre-leg shaving treatment and helps the rest of your shower products work more efficiently. You will be addicted to the newfound smooth feeling of your skin!

Susanne Kaufmann’s Body Butter

This product is what luxury actually feels like! Non-greasy but super hydrating it is a great follow up to the body scrub after the shower to help moisturize, protect, and smooth rough (and even chapped!) skin. The combination of superpower ingredients tackles your body’s driest parts! It has Vitamin-filled Honey to combat severe dryness, inflammation and free radicals. Another key ingredient is Vitamin E, which is a great natural antioxidant that helps restore moisture and protect the skin. The vitamins from Bee Pollen Extract also help skin cells regenerate and stay protected. It also has Shea Butter, which helps nourish the skin and fight off free radicals. This body butter absorbs quickly but is intensely hydrating, making it a no-brainer to moisturize your skin this winter. And contrary to other body lotions, this one does not have a strong scent, making it a perfect accompaniment to your signature fragrance.


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