• Not all products labelled 'Natural' are clean

August 30, 2018

You hear the terms ‘natural’ and ‘clean’ beauty being thrown around more and more – but what is the difference? We’re here to break down the important distinctions- how to spot and avoid ‘greenwashing’, and why Lynn’s Apothecary seal ensures the products you are buying is truly clean!

When a product is label ‘natural’ – remember that it is vague and is a word that lacks oversight and regulation.

There’s currently no government law to regulate the use of the word “natural” or “organic” on cosmetic labels. That means that there are brands that label their products as ‘natural’ when only a small percentage of the ingredients used are naturally-sourced. It could also mean that a larger percentage of the ingredient is indeed naturally or derived from natural sources but there is still a possibility that it is mixed with synthetics that are deemed toxic and this defeats the whole purpose.

There are a number of external certification institutions such as EcoCert, Cosmos, USDA certified organic that ensures that a certain percentage of the ingredients used is of verified organic origin and that a number of recognized toxic ingredients is not used in the product. Products carrying those certification are certainly cleaner, nevertheless the standard are the institutions own and might vary or might not prohibit certain class of synthetic that the clean beauty has community has deemed toxic. It is important to note that similarly, a growing number of pure and clean brands do not carry the certification although their products are in the purest form, the reason for is the substantial costs associated with those certifications.

What we refer to as ‘Clean” in our industry are products that are completely free of any proven or potentially toxic ingredient. Almost all the ingredients included are organic, wildcrafted and natural. Moreover, the clean beauty community also prides itself to follow incorporate additional standards such as ethical sourcing, sustainability as well as cruelty free. Generally, clean products are free from parabens, pesticides, petroleum and its derivatives, artificial coloring, silicones, sulphates and phthalates (for a more exhaustive list and how to read the label please refer to our restricted ingredients list.

Lynn’s Apothecary’s Selection Process

At Lynn’s Apothecary, we have a commitment to carry only ‘clean’ products. We constantly review the latest toxicity reports, studies, regulations, ingredients and brands.

Our in-house staff Doctor of Biochemistry initially reviews in detail the ingredients list of all the products and brands we are considering. Following this rigorous first step, a selection from the brand’s products is tested internally for performance, to ensure the products actually deliver the results and are enjoyable to use. This is a major criterion since we only look to carry high-performance natural products. We work with well established as well as indie brands from all over the world, constantly looking for the next breakthrough in clean beauty. If it is on our shelves, it means that it's clean and high performing!

Check out our store, our Instagram page @lynnsapothecary and our e-shop to check our high-performing and all-clean skin, hair, body and lifestyle products!

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