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March 05, 2021

Despite slathering SPF all day long and staying away from the sun, some of us struggle with dark spots, sun spots and hyperpigmentation. This is called photo aging and it's a common skin-aging phenomenon*. It is linked to UV exposure and overproduction of pigment after sun exposure. Your skin underlying predisposition, lifestyle and skincare routine will determine the intensity of this process. Photoaging very often results in pre-mature skin aging and wrinkles as well as loss of radiance and an uneven skin tone.  We know how frustrating it is to deal with hyperpigmentation and how many of our clients had struggled to find a proper treatment. It is not impossible to fadeaway those spots and get back your skin radiance, brightness and even tone. You just need to use effective targeted products in your daily routine with consistency. While of course keeping your sun safety habits. One of the (if not THE) most advanced natural technology for skin brightness is the Concentrate Brightening Serum & Essence by Tata Harper. The products advanced formulation use 69 high performance natural ingredients from around the world that will help fade away existing spots and minimise the production of new spots.  Advice: if you know you have a tendency for sun spots and hyperpigmentation, it is better to start tackling the issue early on as the pigment (melanin) moves deeper into the skin over time.

Tata Harper Skincare has been focused since the launch of the eponymous brand on complex formulations of high performance natural ingredients. Skin brightness has been at the core of its developments with the Concentrated Brightening Line being the result of years of research and testing. The Serum from the line includes 69 high performance ingredients sourced from around the world such as Madonna Lilly Stem Cells, Sea Fern & Norwegian Sea Kelp , White Mulberry Fruit and Caviar Lime. 

69 High Performance Natural Ingredients 

for Skin Brightness and 

Tone Correction

100% Natural Skin Brightening Powerhouse

Concentrated Brightening Serum by Tata Harper
Concentrated Brightening Essence by Tata Harper

Concentrated Brightening Serum

A Supernatural serum that corrects tone and dullness to restore a youthful radiant look. Best for dullness, dark spots, or uneven skin tone. Includes 17 sources to minimize the look of wrinkles and 24 sources to plump up the skin. Brightening + Anti Aging solution. Results: 70% reduction of dark spots after 84 days. 


Concentrated Brightening Essence

A Supernatural essence to boost brightness and prep the skin for maximum absorption of treatments that follow. Best for dullness, dark spots, or uneven skin tone. Use before your serums. Best used with the Concentrated Brightening Serum.

We are offering our blog readers a 20% discount with the purchase of both products together (Use code BRIGHT20 at checkout). While the essence and serum can be used separately, their performance is enhanced when used as a duo treatment. 

Customers Reviews

I noticed a difference in my complexion within 1 week. My hyperpigmentation definitely looks better. I will purchase again! "
" love this product! I can see the difference in my skin after just a few weeks of use. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to even out their skin tone. "
" I am in love with this product! I swear the day I started using it my face has constantly glowed! I will definitely be purchasing this product again!"
" This amazing product is a necessity for skin. It evens and brightens skin with no harshness. My skin is super sensitive and I’ve had such success"
" Miracle In A Bottle!! I had seriously considered consulting a dermatologist regarding a few large hyperpigmentation spots. The brightening serum was my “last ditch effort”. What a difference two weeks can make! Spots have faded considerably and my face feels so good after applying. Luxury packaging wraps all the benefits up in a beautiful bottle! "
" AMAZING RESULTS I have always had problems with spots but using this serum has changed the way i look at the problem; it's just a challenge that slowly dissolves and not a problem anymore. I am so happy I have gotten to try this amazing product. I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with skin discoloration issues especially in the summer months. "
" Can’t live without it I’ve tried numerous skin brightening products, this is the best, seeing results already after 5 day/night use. "
" I am in my late 50’s. This serum has made my skin look brighter, more youthful. My skin looks more even, less discoloration. I am adding this product to my daily routine. "

*It is important to regularly check with your doctor or dermatologist for any irregularities and changes in your dark spots

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