• How to Switch to a Fall Skincare Routine

October 19, 2018

Fall is here and your skin needs attention right now!

Make sure you’ve got your bases & basics covered! We believe it is very important for you to have a solid foundational skincare routine during all seasons, climates and environment in order for your skin to stay timelessly healthy. Sometimes you feel like you may not recognize your skin or you feel like it’s changing. Well, when seasons change, your skin needs change as well! To keep a healthy and glowing complexion, you might need to tweak your routine a little bit.

A fall skincare routine is all about helping your skin recover from the damages of summer, support its renewal process and prepare it to face the colder and harsher winter months. Here are a few tips we have for you to seamlessly transition into the new season:

  1. Skin detox

Detox and refresh your skin from summer’s pollution and congested pores. We suggest using Tata Harper's Purifying Cleanser with powerful broccoli extracts, clay, and probiotics to help draw out impurities and rebalance your skin.

Get deeper down inside your pores with a weekly mask such as Susanne Kaufmann's Healing Earth Mask with essences of fireweed flowers and cucumbers along with fine corn oil to remove impurities and re-mineralize the skin. Ideal if preceded by a peel or scrub.

  1. Restore that glow!

Very often the end of the summer leaves us with additional dark spots and once that bronzed halo is gone we feel our skin is dull. Now is the right time to address an uneven tone or hyperpigmentation. We recommend, hands down, Tata Harper’s award-winning Concentrated Brightening Serum. This advanced serum is packed with Brassica Napus and Sea Fern Extract helps to minimize the appearance of dark spots. Additionally, colorless Carotenoids also help counteract the appearance of dark spots, and Norwegian Kelp boosts your glow and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. As a bonus, it is infused with Tata Harper’s age-defying complex. We advise pairing it with the Concentrated Brightening Essence (toner) to amplify its performance!

  1. Restore lost hydration

During the summer, we usually switch to lighter creams and avoid oils because of higher temperatures and humidity levels. In the fall, it is essential to help your skin restore lost moisture, nutrients, and regain its balance. You need to reintroduce a moisturizer or enrich your existing one with few drops of a high-grade face oil. You can also switch out your daily moisturizer completely for an adapted face oil. Ideal for the transition into the winter and for skin recovery, and its natural and healthy balance is our multi-award winner and hero oil, Vanderohe N.1 Face Serum. A synergistic blend of 11 of the world’s highest grade organic oils, each sourced from their own countries of origin, help rebalance, tone and give you a natural glow. This is definitely one of Lynn’s favorite oils!

  1. Book a facial!

More than ever your face needs now a good facial to help reboot and stimulate its renewal process. Our signature Rejuvenating facial includes the 4 essential steps your skin needs right now:

  • A deep cleansing and natural face peel
  • A lymphatic drainage to drain away toxins,
  • A special facial massage technique to stimulate cell renewal
  • A boost of skin hydration and essential nutrients to replenish your skin

      5. R&R: Fall is the perfect time to reintroduce some R&R time and reestablish a proper skincare routine! The kids are back to school, wild summer nights are over, and the holiday festivities have not yet started…it is good to take have some downtime to reevaluate your skin, your overall health, and your wellbeing. Make it a goal to allocate some “me” time in your schedule!

      6. And last but not least SLEEP! When you sleep, your skin restores itself, boosts your mood, and regulates your stress levels, and so many more benefits of a good quality sleep!

If you need help in adopting a proper routine, our store expert advisors would be delighted to guide you through!

Lynn's Fall Skincare Routine


Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser Pore Cleansing Minimizing Susanne Kaufmann Healing Earth deep cleaning Face Mask

Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Serum Anti AgingTata Harper Concentrated Brightening Face Essence Vanderohe No.1 Nourishing Face Oil



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