• How are you taking care of yourself under lockdown?

March 19, 2020

Although life as we know it has been disturbed by the corona virus crisis brought upon the world, I think while many things are out of our control, the only sane thing to do is try to make the best out of our lockdown. On the brighter side, the lockdown has forcibly given us one luxury that we've been missing in our busy modern lifestyle: Time. Assuming your household is in perfect health, the fridge is full and the kids have found something to keep themselves busy without your continuous supervision, we have a couple of ideas to help you unwind. 

1. Start a stress releasing routine
For the ones used to meditation, yoga and all the mind healing practices this should be easy. Carry on with your routines at home. For the ones like us that have not gotten fully on the wagon yet we have a couple of simple, easy recommendations that can help you take the stress away

Draw Yourself a Warm Bath
Find the time, swap your Netflix series for a relaxing bath once a week. Add some candles, maybe a glass of red or bubbly and some music to take the mood to another level. Most importantly add to your bath some salts, essential oils or one of our favorite Susanne Kaufmann bath products: the Herbal Whey Bath. Whey is known for its healing properties. It melts away built up tensions from a long, stressful day. It’s filled with a scent of Lavender and Lemon balm to calm your senses. 5-7 spoons of this heavenly mixture is just what you need for the perfect bath. We like to mix it with Susanne Kaufmann Mallow Blossom bubble bath to make it more fun and luxurious. When you are locked down and confined to your home time is slow and there is a beauty to it, you just need to accept it and make it work for you. Try it.

Invest in Tata Harper Magic Little Stress Treatment Vial
Yes we’ve tried it and our clients have tried it: honestly, we can't live without it lately. A couple of drops a day in the palm of your hands that you breathe in and out slowly. It is really amazing how powerful a 5ml blend of frankincense, bergamot, neroli and sandalwood can inspire a sense of calm and sooth away feelings of anxiety and stress. This aromatic roller can help reduce frustration, negativity and promote more positivity and openness. It works also beautifully to help you prepare to sleep or sooth any flight anxiety you might experience. Discover it here

A Good Night Sleep takes the Stress Away and Boosts your Immune System
Sleep, yes. You’ve heard it so many times and yet we don't give enough importance to this central function in our wellbeing. The latest studies in the science of sleep have indeed found a link between sleep, your stress level, your immune system and the production/release of immune-boosting proteins, which only happens during deep sleep. So many elements affect the quality of your sleep including your sleep environment as well as what and when you eat. Ditch the late night sugary snacks, have a regular diner time set a couple of hours before you go to bed, spray some calming essences around the room such as Susanne Kaufmann Pillow Calming Spray and make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep. Now that you have time!

2. Read a good book
I always feel like I am missing on a lot of good books lately because I am caught up in my busy schedule, between work and the kids. Well I found now under lockdown it’s a great time to intentionally set a couple of hours a day to read. I know that the pressures of being at home during this period might be even greater, with the kids to attend to while playing teacher, your work form home obligations, the house chores. But if we get organized and apprehend this period when time is slow, reading a book can easily find its place in our routine. Beside the feeling of fulfillment and brain nurturing you get, reading a book the old fashion way gives you a sense of grounding; as if there is some sort of comfort, security and reliability when we go back to our basics.

3. Reorganize your and your family's dietary habits
For some of us sometimes life gets so busy that we find ourselves reaching out to sugary and unhealthy snacks, cooking a last minute meal we are less than proud of its nutritious content, saying yes to every little sugary crap our kids beg us for because we just cant deal with this right now. Being under lockdown with some time to spare (provided you were able to fill that fridge!) is a great time to get organized again on the food habits. Take the time to research and learn some easy to do healthy snacks to have around and avoid reaching out to unhealthy treats. Lay down a plan for the meals menu and the grocery items to order in advance. Focus on the kids and what alternatives you can find to avoid that last minute guilty chemically sugary loaded "Yes!".

4. Self care at home, don't let yourself go
While your regular facials appointments might have been disturbed, there is no reason to let yourself go. While I think most of us can't perform a neat self-manicure at home, yet...adding extra steps to your face routine is not that hard. Add one or two masks a week. Get yourself a face roller or Gua Sha and discover new ways to lift and sculpt your face. For those of you that have been sticking to a minimal facial routine due to time constraints, you will soon discover that taking the time for a spa-like skincare routine at home can have wonderful unexpected results both on your skin and on your mind! Keep your skin plumped and glowing, you will soon be ready to rock n roll again! 

5. Watch a funny movie or series  
I've been watching Friends on Netflix since my self imposed lockdown. It's been like a therapy to help me wind down, change my mood and anxious thoughts. I definitely recommend a good old comedy show in lockdown times!



Why Bath Salts by Susanne KaufmannMallow Blossom Natural Bubble Bath by Susanne KaufmannAromatic Stress Treatment by Tata Harper Natural Calming Pillow Spray by Susanne Kaufmann Rose Quartz Gua Sha by Skin Gym

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