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January 03, 2017

"I have always been a beauty junkie looking for the next magical cream or super youth elixir. Or just for products that smelled good or looked good. A catchy tagline always got the best of me and I was buying! The thrill was in the new experience that each product gave me and the satisfaction that I was finally onto something here!! That was for fun and personal enjoyment. 

Then life happened and I started working in and studying beauty as a profession and I discovered the truth behind the ingredients that are in many of our personal products. With the knowledge I had about the scientific findings and toxicity reports of those ingredients, I was incapable anymore of using products that contained the words sulfates, parabens, PEG, phthalates, mineral oil and the list goes on. I started a new, better informed quest and discovered a world of beauty products free from all those questionable ingredients and that provided my skin and senses with results and an indulging experience like no other! I discovered the wonderful world of Clean Beauty.  A new generation of beauty makers  revolutionizing the beauty industry, combining the superpower of nature with expert knowledge and formulation to develop high performance products safe and oh so good for your skin.

I am so excited in turning my beauty addiction and new found knowledge into curating this new concept space bringing all these brands together. The products at Lynn's Apothecary are handpicked from around the world; we've checked their composition, tried them, loved them and shipped them! I am personally available at the store to introduce you to this new world and help you make the switch to Clean Beauty products. I promise they will revolutionize your beauty routine and overall wellbeing.

 Lynn xoxo

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