• 5 Tips to make your hair color last longer

April 21, 2020

There are many things we, as women, are ready to compromise on but hair dying is not one of them! Truth be told we devote time and money getting our hair color perfected. And whether it’s because we are under a lockdown now or are foreseeing a new era of social distancing - not to mention all the chemicals that go right in your hair coloring treatment - we think it makes sense to try as much as possible to make our hair color last longer and stretch out appointments or touch-ups at home as long as possible. Follow our 5 tips below to prolong the life of your vibrant hair color. 

1. Chose the right shampoo
You shouldn't use any shampoo if you wish to make your hair color last longer. Choose a shampoo specifically formulated for color-treated hair! Shampoos for color-treated hair should moisturize without stripping the color. They should also include ingredients that are color-protecting or color-depositing. Use sulfate free shampoos and avoid chemically laden brands that strip your hair from its natural moisture. Check out Rahua ‘color full’ shampoo, Rahua ‘color full’ conditioner and Rahua ‘color full’ hair mask.

2. Don't overwash your hair
Water is one of the hair-color main aggressors. It accelerates the color fading process. It really pays off in terms of color preservation if you get used to washing your hair less frequently, especially if you are used to washing it daily. Your hair might need some training to adjust to fewer washes per week. If you need to, find a good natural dry shampoo or hair freshner to use in between shampoo days, to remove excess oil and refresh your mane. It’s definitely worth trying to space out shampoo time to prolong your color.

3. Prep Your Hair before your color appointment
One to two days before your color appointment use a deep-conditioning hair mask to put hydration back in the hair helping the color persist after your treatment. Hair specialists also recommend a couple of times a year, preferably 2 to 3 days before your appointments to use a detox treatment to remove styling product build-ups, among other benefits it will help the color hold on better to your strands. Check out Rahua Detox & Renewal kit.
4.     Minimize the use of Hot Tools especially the week after coloring
Hot tools such as blow dryers and straighteners speed up the process of color fading especially right after color application. Try to schedule your hair color appointment during a week where you avoid blow drying for a couple of days. Yes we know, most of us like to leave the hair salon feeling reborn! A fresh new color and a fresh blow dry; but you will have to reconsider the blow dry right after the treatment if you want to push your chances to make your color treatment last longer. Hair specialists have also recommended to wait at least 24 hours after your hair color treatment before shampooing to allow the dye to properly settle into the hair. Try just rinsing with cool water and scrub the scalp with your fingers.

5. Protect from Sun and Heat
As a general rule opt for lukewarm water: it is kinder on the hair color than hot water and try to cut down on the use of a blow dryer favoring air dry whenever possible. We have found that Boucleme jersey towel is great for cutting blow drying time by half while retaining moisture in your locks.


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